Italia an infinitely genuine and tasty cuisine

Day I - Rome

Pleasure of table
Italian cuisine has more than a thousand speciality first course, second course, side dishes and desserts, without forgetting that Italy is home of the “pizza” with its many toppings. Each City and Region has its own speciality, its own diversity. For the tourist that is visiting Italy we suggest to try each dish in the place of its origin and we can recommend which restaurant, trattoria or locanda is the best to taste this speciality. To follow are some of the specialities we will allow you taste during our tours.

Day II - Rome

First course pasta
The specialities originating in Rome and its Region (Lazio) have a millenary tradition and our based on local produce. “Buccatini all’amatriciana” are really tasty (larger spaghetti with a hole in the middle), spaghetti” alla carbonara”, spaghetti “cacio e pepe”, rigatoni “alla gricia”, fettuccine “alla papalina”, “fettuccine paglia e fieno”, gnocchi”alla romana”.

Day III - Rome

Second course
Even the for second courses and side dishes Roman cuisine is based on typical produce of the region and tradition. Abbacchio (suckling lambs) cooked in the oven or pan fried “alla cacciatora”, saltimbocca “alla romana”, pollo con i peperoni, coda “alla vaccinara”, carciofi “alla romana “ o “alla giudia” and of course the famous “porchetta” (suckling pig oven cooked with pepper and spices) are just some of the tasty culinary delights.

Day IV - Rome

Wine and desserts
In Italy the cultivation of the vine goes back to before the Roman Empire, the ancient Greeks use to call Italy “Enotria”. In ancient Roman times wine was sweetened with honey and it was mostly used during banquets; on birthdays they use to toast and drink a glass of wine for each letter of the name of the person whose birthday it was. The best regional wines which we would like to recommend are:. “Castelli Romani”, “Velletri”, “Cerveteri”, “Merlot di Aprilia”, “Circeo” and “Atina” as red wines and “Frascati Superiore”, “Frascati Spumante”, “Cannellino”, “Cerveteri Amabile” and “Est Est Est” as white wines. Special wines are “Aleatico di Gradoli liquoroso”, “Aleatico di Gradoli liquoroso Riserva”, “Cerveteri Rosato Spumante” and “Colli Albani Frizzante”. For dessert, apart from the traditional “Tiramisù”, in Rome you can try a specialty called “Bignè di San Giuseppe” (Fried choux pastry filled with custard), the name comes from the day they are usually made “St Joseph” (19 March) which is father’s day in Italy.