Wedding in Italy - Roma I


Arrive and check in to your hotel. Afternoon: free. Dinner in hotel or if you wish, in a characteristic restaurant in the historic centre of Rome where you can taste typical Italian dishes.

The Castle

The ceremony and the reception In a 10th century AC Castle a few minutes by car from central Rome, the wedding is celebrated in a medieval atmosphere. The ceremony can be civil or religious (of any religion). You can decide to hold the ceremony and reception during the day or evening; two different atmospheres are created; both marvellous.
Before leaving you can spend sometime relaxing in the spa of the Castle. In a marvellous country such as Italy you can spend several days admiring the beautiful historic and natural sites: Rome Capital of a thousand year Empire and the centre of Christianity; Florence cradle of Renaissance; Venice, unique city, built on the sea and full of the beauty of its past as a Capital of a Republic that for centuries had the dominium on the Mediterranean Sea; the hundreds of cities full of buildings and works of art going back to Renaissance period, middle ages, the time of the Roman Empire and on up to prehistoric times, unique scenery, like the Dolomiti Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast, with its hills that go into the sea.The sandy Adriatic beaches, Sicily with it sea and history and finally, wild Sardinia with its Caribbean sea. We help you conclude a unique event in style.

The Suite

Sweet rest. You can spend your wedding night in a splendid suite.