Africa Australe

Africa bird eye view

Africa Bird Eye View is a project that started in 2007 from a meeting between Bag Tour and African Sky Runner, a project conceived and created by Nicola Quagliere. Bag Tour has more than 15 years working experience, with several offices in the capital and many partnerships in Italy and Europe. Maurizio programmes and promotes Africa, specialising mostly in holidays that are unique and made to measure, keeping the prices accessible and respecting the diversity of each client.’eterogeneità della clientela.

AFRICAN SKY RUNNER is a project that has origin in Nicola’s passion for flying (he got his flight licence in South Africa, where he flew for many years before he started working for Alitalia as a pilot of Airbus with more than 7000 flying hours, of which 1000 in the African skies) together with his considerable experience in travel and the knowledge of the area matured during his years spent in Africa. For more than 3 years Nicola and his crew explored the area looking for aircraft, suitable to our goal, charter companies, airports and landing fields and infrastructure, Looking at hotels, doing the activities that would then be proposed during the trips, and last but not least, flying over this vast area, as large as Europe, in search of the most spectacular views, of the right light and the privileged view which is the particularity of our trips.

The charter companies with which we work, according to the type of aircraft used, depending on the number of participants, guarantee the highest international standards, aircraft with equipment that even a scheduled airline would envy and the maintenance is carried out by expert technicians (who is writing knows something about it) and pilots whose ability has made South Africa a prime place for their training, as demonstrated by the high number of student pilots from all over the world. The guides that will accompany you during this incredible adventure are experts of the area and the peculiarities of this type of trip and will be available during all of the tour. The accommodations that we use and the operators with whom we collaborate represent the top of each category and guarantee a variety of possibilities, in order to satisfy any type of request and necessity.

L'Africa Australe

With a surface area nearly as large as the whole of Europe, Southern Africa, thanks to it vast diversity of climatic conditions and landscape can be visited at any time of the year, guaranteeing a full synthesis of all the extraordinary opportunities that the African continent has to offer.

From the deserts of Namib and Kalahari, to the uncontaminated coasts of Mozambique with their turquoise waters, where the marvellous archipelagos of Quirimbas and Bazaruto can be found; from the most ancient canyons of the world like Fish River Canyon and Blyde River Canyon; the dragon or Lesotho mountains; the unparalleled delta of the Okayango; to the wine region of Stellenbosch; the Etosha, Kruger and South Luangwa parks, to lively and cosmopolitan cities such as Cape Town; the highest sand dunes in the world at Soussusviei, to the incomparable Victoria Waterfalls; rivers such as the Zambesi, Chobe or Orange, the Malawi Lake, passing shipwrecks, seal colonies, whales on their way home to the polar regions, herds of animals during the seasonal migration, penguins in the peninsula region of the Cape of Good Hope and so much more.

The number of destinations is as large as your fantasy and curiosity, with our assistance, experience and professionalism you will be able to get the best experience during your chosen tour with us. Southern Africa extends from the 10th parallel southern latitude, between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and includes 9 states on the continent: Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. From a topographic point of view three areas can be found; a series of highlands which extend on a large part of the territory, the Kalahari basin, situated in the central part of the region and surrounded by high land; the Dragon mountain chain which descend to the coast on the Indian Ocean. The highlands have a tropical climate with large rainfalls and a temperature that is mitigated by the altitude. The terrible desert of Kalahari is n the center of the region and going west becomes the Namib Desert of Namibia.

The Dragon Mountains have a completely different appearance, especially on the side towards the Ocean; rainfall is abundant because the peaks form humid winds that come from the sea and the vegetation is lush. In the southern most point of the continent we find a mild temperature, such as one finds in the Mediterranean, which allows the cultivation of cereals and vines. From an ethnical point of view mainly the Bantu inhabits Southern Africa but there are also small groups of Bushmen. There are many Asians and people of European decadence, especially in South Africa. The large numbers of whites, especially in South Africa, is a very relevant point particularly from an anthropic and political point of view. The local language is used by the Bantu, whereas Portuguese is spoken in Mozambique, and English in all the other countries. Afrikaans is also spoken in South Africa. The most practiced religions are the Animists, but the number of Christians is also very large, in particular Catholics of the ex Portuguese colonies and Protestants in the ex English colonies. Southern African covers an area of 6.5 million square kilometers and has a population of 131 million inhabitants, roughly 20 inhabitants per square kilometer. Some countries are densely inhabited, such as Malawi, whilst others are nearly uninhabited such as Namibia.

How we work

African Bird Eye View offers a series of itineraries that are adaptable to all the possibilities and requests. A constant research of the area, together with the training of the Italian pilots, which allows them to also cover the role of guides in the case the aircraft does not permit the presence of a separate guide, allows the operational flexibility that makes the trip possible for groups of all sizes. This enables us to operate departures even with only two participants (an example are our unforgettable Honeymoons). Depending on the number of participants but also variables such as the destinations, the landing fields with their conditions and others, which will be discussed and agreed with the participants before the departure, different aircraft will be chosen, that can be the classical Cessna or Piper with one engine, to the more complicated two engine, even more than one type of aircraft if the situation makes it necessary.

The choice of the aircraft is in function that each participant has a window to be able to benefit of the priceless opportunity that this type of trip has to offer. The best ratio price and logistics is with groups of eight participants for which we use a Cessna Caravan, 14 seater aircraft that reserved for eight persons, gives each participant a window seat and a relative movement within the aircraft. On all the aircraft the participants will have the opportunity of sitting next to the pilot and try the thrill of flying in one of the most fascinating contexts that this profession can guarantee.