Buenos Aires, Cascate di Iguazu, El Calafate

Bohemian Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is one of the world’s great urban experiences: a place of stylish people and buildings, wide boulevards and leafy parks, poignant history, gastronomic delights, tango in the streets and extravagant arts and architecture.

The city is divided into barrios (neighbourhoods), each different yet all full of character. The colourful buildings of the working-class La Boca contrast with chic and showy Recoleta, best known for its lavish cemetery. Bohemian San Telmo turns into a bustling market on Sundays, as throngs of locals and visitors shop for antiques and tango memorabilia. The trendy boulevards of Palermo are perfect for people-watching and boutique shopping, while the gentrified dockland area of Puerto Madero is full of restaurants and bars and provides a friendly counterpoint to the handsome Plaza de Mayo, dominated by the pink Presidential building. Buenos Aires is truly one of the great cities of the world.


Iguazu Falls or Las Cataratas Maravillosas are undoubtedly one the most imposing natural attractions in Argentina and the world. These truly awesome waterfalls are found on the Iguazu river, on the border between Brazil and Argentina, are shared between the two countries and split into two national parks: Parque Nacional Iguazú(Argentina) and Parque Nacional do Iguaçu (Brazil).
On Argentina’s side you can get up close to the falls and its surrounding area, there are trails that wind along the river to right beneath the falls and others that allow you to see the unique jungle habitat and wildlife. It is interesting to see both viewpoints of the falls. Once on the Brazilian side of the falls you’re likely to overhear the phrase ‘Argentina may have the waterfalls but we have the view’ – spoken convincingly by any true Brazilian. Brazilian side you can benefit from full frontal and panoramic views.

El Cafate

Welcome to El Calafate, a must-visit location in Argentina, the once-tiny town at the most southern tip of South America has grown quickly to cater to and profit from the visitors to nearby Los Glaciares National Park but has maintained its raw and wild authenticity.
Many visit El Calafate to see such natural wonders as Perito Moreno Glacier, a massive glacier that’s composed of many other pieces of shifting ice and one of the few in the world in constant forward motion. It is also one of the most accessible glaciers around with perfect viewing platforms where you can wait to watch the huge chunks of ice breaking off and falling into the water below, creating one of mother nature’s most spectactular shows ! You will come to see that El Calafate is much more than merely a gateway to the stunning Patagonian wild—it is a fun town thats offers everyone the opportunity to experience a variety of outdoor adventures with the jurassic scenery as a backdrop.