Classical Tour


After breakfast, leave your hotel to go to Sultanahmet square. The Hippodrome was built by Romans in 200 D.C. The oldest remained columns is named the Egyptian Obelisk and it was built in Egypt in 1500 A.C. The Blue Mosque with six minarets is the most famous symbol of Istanbul. Insede you can find the beautiful majolicas of Iznik. Santa Sofia(closed on Monday) is known as the Divina Sapienza and it was a Greek-Orthodox Patriarchal seat, a Catholoic cathedral, a Mosque and now it is a Museum. Before the visit of Palazzp TopKapi, lunch in a local restaurant.

The Palazzo Topkapi(closed on Tuesday) was the center of the Ottoman power for four centuries being the Realm of many Ottoman Sultans from the fall of Costantinopoli to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Gran Bazaar(closed on Sunday) is one of the greatest covered bazaar in the world, it is always crowded and full of tourists during all the opening hours. Here are sold all spices, textile and sweets, you can also find handcrafted workshops. It is funny walking through this and exploring all the souvenirs.